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Coil Coating Advantages

The most efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly method of applying paint to metal.


In-house painting means labor costs, environmental fees, regulatory compliance and a huge amount of space/equipment to operate and maintain. Applying paint to a pre-assembled product is more labor intensive, expensive and difficult than coating in coil form. Skip the hassle and expense and let our expert team deliver top-quality results at a fraction of the price. Please contact us for a quote.


Coil coating is a tightly controlled “closed loop” process that eliminates environmental contaminants along the way. For example, 100% of VOC's are captured and treated by pollution control equipment, destroying toxins that would otherwise become airborne. The coil coating industry is subject to stringent EPA regulations. Lastly, prepainted metals can be recycled.


Coil coating gives you precise color and consistency. Paint can be applied to a huge variety of metals such as aluminum, hot dipped galvanized, cold rolled and stainless steels. Topcoats are flexible and durable and there are endless possibilities through custom color matching. We tightly control and measure color for batch-to-batch consistency and superior results.

The savings and advantages of precoating/prepainting metals are enormous. For further information please contact us. We would be happy to explain the process and show you our facility.