Our Process

EDCOAT Process Infographic

Our Coil Coating Process

Coil coating (also known as roll coating) is done around the clock, five days a week. Every coil coating order begins with you. We make sure there’s a complete understanding of all your needs, deadlines and any other specifics required for a successful order.

Our Ross Waldron tandem line is capable of priming and painting both sides of metals in a single pass, as well as pretreating various substrates. The six-stage pretreat system is over 200 feet long. This long length provides enhanced cleaning for superior paint adhesion. Our 175-foot curing ovens are capable of reaching over 800 degrees, allowing us to cure virtually any coating.

To ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations, we have a quality control lab equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Every coil coated is thoroughly tested using ASTM testing methods for paint adhesion, flexibility, film thickness, color match and other attributes required to maintain our high standards. Color standards and lab equipment is calibrated and audited by outside vendors in addition to internal controls throughout the year.

Upon completion of your order, we provide clean and secure warehousing until the material is shipped out, at which time it is invoiced. All documentation related to your order is maintained for an extended period of time. Want to know more? Contact us or come by for a tour.

  • The coil is placed on the uncoiler and the strip is passed through a six stage pretreatment system which assures our customers metal is more than sufficiently cleaned and treated to obtain superior paint quality and adhesion.

  • The strip is then passed through our tandem coaters capable of priming and precoating metals on both sides in a single pass per the customer’s specifications.

  • The strip then enters over 200 feet of ovens to assure proper dwell times and temperatures allowing us to run various types of coatings.

  • The accumulation towers allow us to run nonstop.

  • The strip is then cooled and recoiled.

  • Every coil is processed through our lab where we retain samples indefinitely.

  • The coil is then packaged per our customer’s requirements. Throughout the entire process, our customers are kept abreast of the status of their metal at all times. We ship around the clock Monday thru Friday.